Our Books-to-Go bags, as part of our Reading Railroad Program, is an easy way to check out a bunch of books at one time. The program is designed to aid in the development of your child’s literacy and language skills – all while having fun doing so!

The goal of the Reading Railroad Program is to read 1,000 books kindergarten. Each one of our bags is filled with 10 books – and we have 50 bags … that’s 500 books for you to start with! The other 500 books are up to you. At the front desk, we’ll keep track of how many books you’ve read. When you hit the 250, 500, 750 and 1,000 reading milestones (train stops), you’ll get a prize!

Ready to get started? Any child up to the age of eight can sign up. Email us today to make your way through our Reading Railroad Program – choo choo!