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Poetry Walk at The Fells Historic Estate and Gardens

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About the Poetry Walk

The Poetry Walk is a collaboration between the Newbury Public Library and the  John Hay Estate at the Fells . Our mission is to promote a love of poetry and a deeper connection to our natural world, through the installation of 16 poems throughout the landscape of The Fells.

This poetry installation will be rotated every year, and visitors are welcome to leave their suggestions for future poems as well as any reflections they have in the journals located at each poem site.

Where Is the Walk?

The Walk is located at  The John Hay Estate at the Fells :

456 Route 103A
Newbury, NH

About the Poem Selection and Placement

Poem selection and poem placement is done by a committee made up of Lea McBain of The Newbury Public Library, Nancy Marashio, Newbury’s Poet Laureate Dianalee Velie, and Simon Parsons of The Fells.

Feel free to contact us with any suggestions for future poems, or leave suggestions in the journals provided on the walk!


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