Architecture drawings RFP April 2017

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Redline Hiking in the White Mountains
Monday September 25th, 7pm
The Newbury Vets Hall

Redline Hiking is the goal to hike all the miles of trails on the map (denoted often as redlines) of some large area (in this case the 1,440 miles of trails in the White Mountains of NH and ME). At this presentation, Steve Hale of Open World Explorers showcases some interesting trail encounters with wildlife, wildflowers, and wild scenery.
Ticks and Tick-borne Illness with UNH Entomologist Alan Eaton
Wednesday, Oct. 4th, 6pm
The Newbury Vets Hall

Did you know that October is one of the high-risk times for ticks? Join us for a closer look at ticks, the diseases they carry, and what you can do to protect yourself and your family!

A Note from the Trustees:

On August 9, the trustees held a meeting with town residents and Ron Lamarre of Lavallee-Brensinger, the architect designing the proposed library addition. There was an excellent turnout, and lively discussion. There was general appreciation for our library and librarians, as well as the character of the existing building. Many felt more space was needed for programming, and had thoughts on use of the tower room and patio. A dedicated space for "tweens" and small group study areas were discussed. Issues such as "line of sight" and technology were also discussed.

In the hopes of furthering the discussion, a suggestion box has been placed in the library, as well as two notebooks in each of the Little Free Libraries at the Harbor and in South Newbury. Feel free to leave any ideas for spaces you would like to see, spaces you find special already, or any other ideas you wish to share. These comments can be anonymous.

The Trustees will be having their monthly meeting Monday September 11th at 3:30pm, and a meeting with architect Ron Lamarre on September 18th at 3pm in the Town Office Meeting Room. All trustees meetings are open to the public.

Stay tuned for future opportunities for public input.

im278.jpgCommunity Drive

We've seen the pictures and heard the stories of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey, and by now we are all preparing for more with Hurricane Irma.  Many people are wondering how to help.  In collaboration with the South Newbury Union Church, and connected with Church World Service, we are seeking donations of supplies for cleanup buckets.   These buckets have a specific set of items in them, and are given to families to assist with cleanup after a storm.    Please be sure to follow the directions exactly as to type and amount of items.  You may want to purchase a bunch of one item and invite a friend to purchase some other items.  Donations can be dropped off at the library or the Friendship House.