Different Roots, Common Dreams

with photographer Becky Field


Saturday, Sept. 17th  6pm

The Newbury Vets Hall


For the past three years, photographer Becky Field has been welcomed into the lives of New Hampshire's immigrants and refugees. Her photographs, along with essays written by New Hampshire's immigrants, show that while we are different in many ways, we all have the same dreams to have safe homes, jobs to support our families, strong futures for our children, and freedom to practice our cultural and religious traditions.

New Hampshire is known for low ethnic diversity, yet over its history, immigrants have contributed to the state's economic growth and multicultural character. In 2012, after hateful graffiti was scrawled on the sides of four refugee homes, New Hampshire photographer Becky Field decided to use her camera to show the vitality and diversity of the state's new Americans, to honor their determination and expertise, to raise awareness about the paths to resettlement, and to stimulate public dialog about immigration and inclusion. Her photographs show families at home, children at play, workplaces, weddings, funerals, sacred ceremonies, and traditional celebrations. In addition to Becky's photographs, this book includes the words of others involved with immigration.

Copies of the book will be available following the event.


Discovery Café: Art & Museums

Wednesday, September 14th, 3:30pm


Amit Sood: Building a Museum of Museums on the Web

Imagine being able to see artwork in the greatest museums around the world without leaving your chair. Driven by his passion for art, Amit Sood tells the story of how he developed Art Project to let people do just that.

This is an informal discussion, where questions and debate are encouraged.  Coffee, tea and refreshments will be served.

Call 763-5803 for more info!

Discovery Café will be an ongoing monthly series where we view TED talks, and discuss the topics explored.