Discovery Café: Music

Wednesday, Oct. 19th, 3:30pm


The Therapeutic Benefits of Music.

When Robert Gupta was caught between a career as a doctor and as a violinist, he realized his place was in the middle, with a bow in his hand and a sense of social justice in his heart. He tells a moving story of society’s marginalized and the power of music therapy, which can succeed where conventional medicine fails.

This is an informal discussion, where questions and debate are encouraged.  Coffee, tea and refreshments will be served.

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Discovery Café will be an ongoing monthly series where we view TED talks, and discuss the topics explored.


Monday, October 24th at 6pm

The Newbury Vets Hall


Join us as we welcome Michele Albion, the author of The Quotable Eleanor Roosevelt!  We will spend a fascinating evening exploring the life of a very remarkable woman!  Born in the late 1800s to one of the wealthiest families in New York City, Eleanor Roosevelt seemed destined for a traditional woman’s role within a sedate Victorian life. Instead, she married her fifth cousin and was flung into the highest levels of American politics, culminating in Franklin’s unprecedented four-term presidency.

While previous first ladies refrained from public discussion of their personal views, Eleanor’s bold opinions on political, social, and racial issues took many by surprise. She held press conferences and wrote a syndicated column. She spoke at national conventions, granted interviews, and often made appearances on her husband’s behalf. Her own influence lasted years beyond his death. She advocated for human rights, worked with the United Nations, and supported what later became the civil rights movement.

Copies of all 5 of Michele’s books will be available for sale!