The Newbury Public Library recently received a $2,000 grant to supplement its collection with more diverse books for infants, children, middle schoolers, and young adults. The Educators Making a Difference Grant was awarded to the library by We Need Diverse Books, an organization committed to making the book publishing industry more inclusive.

“The We Need Diverse Books ‘Educators Making a Difference Grant’ will make such a difference in our little New Hampshire library! By adding more diverse books to our collection, we will expose our young patrons to the culture and experiences of others, who they may not encounter within our rural area. These books will also aid in helping those who wish to explore their identities as they come of age, in a safe and non-judgmental environment,” said Laura Pezone, assistant director of the Newbury Public Library.

Of the more than 600 applications received, 35 schools and libraries around the country were awarded $2,000 to fund author visits, festivals, and field trips; purchase diverse titles to add to their collections; or conduct diversity audits, among other needs. With the funding, the Newbury Public Library was able to purchase nearly 200 books that represent various cultures, races, religions, genders, disabilities, and more.

“All in all, this grant will help create a welcoming place for all to learn about their neighbors and those individuals who have different experiences from their own,” Pezone said.

Books purchased through the grant will be located within the “New” sections of each collection at the library.

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