Links Updated: April 5th 2020

Updated: March 17th 2020- we have decided to close the library to the public.

We here at the Newbury Library know that these are uncertain times for all of us, and have the health of our community in mind.  At the moment, we have decided to reschedule some programs in the interest of protecting our neighbors and practicing social distancing.

We also have included here some information on Covid-19 that we hope will be helpful to you, as you seek information.  More will come out in the days to come, and the links provided here, from the CDC, NH Department of Health, and WHO, will be updated regularly.  We also wanted to let you know that Governor Sununu  has announced that a hotline has been created for any residents with questions or concerns surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak- you can now call 2-1-1, to get assistance.

You can renew any items you have out from the comfort of your own home!
All you need is your library account number- call 763-5803 to obtain this.
Check our catalog and go to the top right hand side of the page to login:

E-Books & Audiobooks
You have access to the NH State Library’s Overdrive website, which allows you to check out up to 3 e-books or audiobooks at a time. The selection includes bestsellers for adults, non-fiction, and books for children (including read-along titles) and teens. There is also a selection of magazines to lend as well. Download the Libby app right onto your smartphone or tablet, or use a kindle device or your computer to access these books!  All you need is your library account number, which can be obtained by calling us at 763-5803.
Check out this digital library here:

We know that there is a lot of information and misinformation floating around right now, and we wanted to compile a list of a few sources that can help, when looking for information on COVID-19.

**please do NOT combine cleaning materials – there is a very good chance you can combine chemicals into something hazardous!