Friends of Newbury Library

What we do

All programs, audio books, videos, dvds, and many other library activities are funded solely by the Friends of Newbury Library. The Friends also augments the library budget with funds for the purchase of books, supplies, and equipment.

Your support makes it possible

We urge you to make it possible for our library to offer these facilities and programs by becoming a Friend. The Friends is a non-profit 501C-3 organization so all donations are tax deductible.

You Can Volunteer

Volunteers make many of our programs and services possible. We welcome your help in whatever way fits your schedule and interests. To learn how you can help contact any officer of the Friends or any member of the library staff, leave your name and number at the Library, email us at Friends of NewburyLibrary, or call (603)763-5803.

Members of the Friends of the Library Board

Liz Moult, President
Mike Moss, Treasurer
Paula Falkowski, Secretary
Judy Healey
Heather Jacques
Mickey Noyer
Margo Steeves