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In this presentation you will learn how radon gas is formed by the radioactive decay of uranium, how radon can enter and accumulate to high levels in homes, the health risks of radon, how to test for radon, and how to reduce high levels of radon in air and water.



Originally from the United Kingdom, Owen David immigrated to the United States in 1987 and earned his bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Concordia University at Austin, Texas and a Master of Public Health-Ecology from the University of New Hampshire.  Owen has worked for the State of New Hampshire for 18 years in various Environmental and Environmental Health roles including as the Radon Program Manager for six years (2006-2011) when the Radon Program was located in the Department of Environmental Services (NHDES).  After seven years without a Radon Program in New Hampshire the Radon Program is being reestablished at the Division of Public Health Services.  Owen is now the Radon Program Manager for the Healthy Homes Radon Program within the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health Services and plans to rebuild the Radon Program to provide the same services to New Hampshire residents provided by the former NHDES Radon Program resulting in more awareness about radon and a reduction in radon induced lung cancers in New Hampshire.